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Marketing Analytics

Tie all the technology of digital marketing, automation, media, and design together into building your brand.

Fill the Sales Funnel With Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Campaigns

As experts in integrated multi-function marketing channels, TargetMix plans, coordinates, and monitors campaigns for maximum impact. Target audiences that are ready to buy or considering your services or products in the future by analyzing click data to build an integrated marketing solution that attracts and converts your marketing efforts.

Marketing Integration

Campaign development begins with layers of analytics from your website, search campaigns, ads, email and more. Cross-channel close-loop reporting, insights of big data, and research, develop targeted campaigns based on what’s currently trending and in demand on your website and in your search queries.



Connect analytics platforms together with Ads, Email, Webmaster, and My Business$  4003 days
Review 4 top web pages and rewrite the organic meta data and recrawl the website  (After 30 days review analytics report)$  8001 week
Take organic top keywords and buy them on a paid search TEST campaign$  5001 week
Create a TEST display ad banner campaign$  5001 week
Ad spend for TESTING search text and display campaigns
(12% media placement fee is waived for testing)
$  400
                 TOTAL includes a full analytical report of results:
(Results pinpoint tasks needed to improve marketing engagement by customers)
$2,6003 weeks