Integrate Marketing Tasks to Maximize Influence Strategically and Cost-Effectively


Edits, Design, Functions, Customer Journey


SEARCH + SOCIAL Media Creation & Distribution


Copy, Graphics, Video, Photos, Analytics, Plans


Brochures, Datasheets, Mailers, Promo Items

TargetMixer Integrated Marketing Workflow

Color-coded tasks can easily identify where your budget is spent.
Save on bundling and get up to 3 resizes of artwork for FREE*.

Updates $500
Email $1200
Search $600
Photos $400
Mailer $900
Poster $900

Unique Quality and Award-Winning Graphics and Copy
Backed and Deployed by Proven Strategies

One Voice for your Brand requires monitoring hundreds of marketing channels. TargetMix operates all creative, website, automation marketing, sales software, and metrics to deliver seamless execution of campaigns into your sales funnel. Our market-wise and strategically sound creative approach gives lift over your competition to your promotion and advertising investments.

We use analytics to continuously optimize and improve customer engagement, conversions, revenue, and product development while scaling personalized marketing to globally reach unique, interested, and loyal customers. Implement the full power of digital technology to thrust your next project to the best audience, at the best time, utilizing the right channels.

*Summer Offer #1:  Get 3 free resizes of a TargetMix creative after an email, social, ad, or content purchase.
Offer #2:  Purchase two marketing tasks and get the third for FREE of equal or less value.
(One offer per company/entity. Printing and media buys not included. Offer expires August 31, 2024.)