People do business with brands they trust, even if the product is not top of the line. Psychologists say¹ “repeating a message leads to familiarity, which leads to a preference.” The ‘Rule of 7’, a staple marketing principal, says it takes more than 7 impressions to move a potential customer to take action however, many believe it takes more.

Marketing that Builds Trust:

  1. Get results and stay in budget!
  2. Be consistent in messaging and branding
  3. Deliver relevant forward-thinking content

In the article “Ripple Effects of Trust Building”, their study concluded that trust in partnerships had a high level of ‘power-sharing’ and is a mechanism to sustaining collaborative efforts and achieving systemic transformations. You can trust TargetMix in building familiarity of your brand with your customers strategically. Being in the right place at the right time with diversified marketing is key in spending your budget wisely with the greatest impact.  READ MORE >>>
¹Repetition is Effective Communication
Ripple Effects of Trust Building



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