Re-Entry Tasks of Recovery Marketing After a Crisis
Rollout phases regionally by products and services
by Teresa Anthony, April 21, 2020

Anticipating the needs of your customers can guide the strategy, content, copy and imagery of your marketing campaigns for the next quarter or more during recovery from a crisis. In real time, your appropriately designed message can reach your customers as they go through the phases of recovery. Online channels are the main marketing tools now with email, online ads/videos/webinars, social media and SEO content building.

So how can companies obtain the maximum marketing impact to increase sales while re-entering the marketplace? Analytically based digital marketing is the key for identifying demand and timing of a well-planned trajectory of re-entry marketing and media to best saturate your target market. Strategic messaging and creative elements for brand awareness are more important than ever through digital media, especially when everyone’s communicating online.

Universal Re-Entry Marketing Tasks:

#1 – COMMUNICATE devotedly (not salesy) to your customers and target audience on the status of the company’s strengths, services, products, and outreach through your website, email, banner ad campaigns and online PR.

#2 – RE-EVALUATE your analytics YoY for Q1 and Q2 to pinpoint trends in sales of products and services that were lost and what will be pushed out in Q3 and Q4.

#3 – REVIEW with your customers if the products and services typically purchased are truly lost or have now shifted to opportunities in the new normal.

#4 – TARGETING: a.) distribute media to the regions that are now open with products that they need first for recovery; b.) identify new products and services needed to be developed with the new normal in place; c.) roll out marketing to secondary markets and new applications.

#5 – PRIORITIZE and reallocate funds to make the most of your budget under cost cutting. Also take advantage of bundling and negotiate multiple and cross-over media buys for the best deals to get your brand name out there online.

Serving your target audience online with inbound and outbound strategies to your customer’s mobile and online platforms requires a well laid out personalized media plan as to not inflict brand repetition tune out.

Let TargetMix help you plan your successful re-entry into the marketplace with our special offer of a personalized and integrated media plan, at no charge, to assist in mapping out re-entry of your company into digital marketing channels.


Teresa Anthony is a B2B creative marketing expert for 25 years, integrating search engine marketing into the marketing communications mix for transparency into analytical performance and results.




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