Search Cues

Search Cues from PPC, SEO & Social 

Understanding the BOT

It’s All About the Web Crawler Script

We’ve worked through Panda, Penguin and now are humming along with the Hummingbird algorithms and its updates to capture and drive website traffic with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and (PPC) Pay Per Click Text and display search ads on mobile, tablets and computers

For over 15 years we have been experts in SEO, PPC, Email, and Advertising which are the cornerstones in building analytical marketing. By knowing what to look for, we’ve reduced costs while more than doubling revenue with $10 to $50 ROI results. Use multiple search engines and media to reach fragmented audiences with your meta data and integrate analytics to sharpen deployment, conversions, and marcom messaging.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Drive & Capture Traffic
Pay Per Click Text & Banner Ads
Display Text Search Ads
Display Banner Ads
Product Listing Ads
Ads by Device
Dynamic Search Ads
Engagement Ads
Affiliate Marketing Channels


Empower Your Website
Meta Tags Data on Every Page
Analytics Tags
Tracking Codes
Keyword Content Building
Sitemap / Directory / Indexing
Download Creations
Keyword Development
Internal/External Link Building
Site Submissions for Rankings
Images Optimized for Fast Loading