Sapience Smart Factory Automation in the Cloud

Smart Factory Automation

Setting Up a Smart Digital Online Factory Automation

Whether you have one building of equipment or multiple facilities with equipment, Sapience can network them all together in one open source platform. Streamline the supply chain evolution digitally to manage processes, equipment, and productivity improvements with seamless connectivity that is at the heart of smart factory automation. Integrating equipment and factory processes in the cloud is flexible and scalable to adapt to new demands and can reduce costs and production cycles, while improving quality. Smart factory connectivity allows for a constant stream of data for monitoring, measuring and predictive analytics when a machine will need servicing or materials replenished to keep production flowing, all monitored online from anywhere.

Artificial intelligence together with cyber-physical systems allows Sapience to gather data from every machine and knows of equipment failure or if a method is offline and can easily reroute to another machine or facility as well as optimize processes through computational intelligence. Uptime is maximized when you can keep a finger on the pulse of interconnected manufacturing to minimize surprises and missteps and manage effective machine control while incorporating new technologies or processes in real-time production.

Being smart begins with device interfaces, sensors, equipment, and scheduling software connecting to a secure network through wi-fi, bluetooth wireless, and/or Ethernet. Sapience triggers the real-time smart-data collection to transfer and store data for analytical monitoring and proactive management in delivering improvements to process efficiency, yield, and production times.

Smart Factory Connectivity:

Less hardware and footprint costs
Equipment & factory transparency
Secure encryption and protection
Analytics, controls, tracking and duping
24 x 7 availability
Disaster recovery
Regulatory compliance
Flexibility of operations
Quick integrations and set-ups
Minimal manual intervention